The Dont's about your Computer

A lot of times problems with the computers are caused by the way we use them – Remember the Old TV’s? We use to hit them and they will work – Not anymore! Internally we are talking about chips not about tubes so hitting the devices will do harm instead of fixing an issue. We created this List - Hopefully it might Help you.

1Do Not turn off the Computer with the Shut Down Button! This is a common thing people do. The problem with this is you are forcing the system to Shut down and that is not good for the Operating System neither the Hardrive - Spindle Hard drives are running at 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm -common hardrives - and doing that is making that hardrive suddenly stop and at a high speed which might bend or brake the platters inside the hardrive making your hardrive not accessible. The story does not change when working with SSD OR SSHD hardrives. There are too problems when shutting down your computer like that.

2Close your Software before you shut down your Computer! Always closed any Software you have open before shutting down your computer

3Clean your Computer Internally! Clean it, but make sure to protect the fans and not let them spin - you might break them and do not create water condensation over the chips.

4Update your Computer Operating System! Mac or Microsoft Operating systems offer FREE downloads of OS updates - these are fixes and patches of errors and security issues that were created while creating the software – you want to be protected and you want your computer to run the right way – don’t you?

5Update your Computer Software! Again, remember updates are fixes and patches to problems and security issues.

6Update your Computer Drivers and Bios! Hardware noises, computer heating up, incompatibility etc. - all these issues and more can be fixed just by doing this.

7Don’t use your Laptop over your bed, couch, pillow, blanket etc.! Use it, but have something that is separating it from the surface - making sure the ventilation vents are accessible – don’t let your computer heat up – you are melting the chips inside by doing that …

8Don’t spill Liquids over it! Sounds weird for me to say that but I have seen it before - by mistake or sometimes on purpose - like I wanted to clean my computer with soap!  

9Always use Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software! Safety is everything on your computer – a lot of people say to us – “Well, I do not have anything on my computer that anybody might want! Are you sure? Do you login to your bank? Do you use your email? Do you access websites that have your personal information - even when you log in with passwords? If you have a virus, Trojans, malware etc. on your computer, all the information you type is being transmitted and seen by hackers. Think twice about it!

10When you are checking your E-mails.. Do not open emails when you don’t know the sender - it might be a scam or a hacker.Do not install Software from Websites that are not from the developers of the software!Sometimes you will go to malicious websites- even by accident - and they will say your flash is Not Up-to-date, your Java is not Up to date, or even your computer is not up to date - click here to fix the issues or download the newest update or software – BE CAREFULL DO NOT DO IT!

11One last thing - Don’t be trigger happy! If your software is not opening, don’t click it and click it. Click one time or double click if needed (Desktop) – Wait be patient.If it does not Open - Restart your computer and try again.