Residential Technician


When you are in need of Computer help – PC and Web Pros can come to the rescue. Whether it be Computer Installation, Maintenance, Software installation, Updates, Viruses or other, we can address your concerns. Servicing Los Angeles and surrounding areas – with professional and reliable IT support and guidance right in your home, our business class technicians can come to your home, day or night, to solve your computer problems, set up devices, and answer your questions.
We are proficient in removing viruses, resolving errors, reinstalling or upgrading operating systems, and other fixes. We offer expert user education, explanation and support quickly and accurately.
If you are unsure whether we can provide you service, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.
Set up a sync of mail, calendar, contacts, documents, and photos for yourself or all of your family devices, including mobile devices. Help with name brand cloud services like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Dropbox, and more.
Our technicians are educated in the latest Windows and OS X technology, software, and security, with many years of experience too! Unlike repair shops, we have a strong emphasis on explanation, friendly communication, and training.
Expert technical support and problem solving in your home. Book an Appointment today!


VIRUSESWe can work with you to diagnose and remove viruses should you run into any problems.
SOFTWARE / OSWindows Errors, IOS Errors, Slow and Unressponsive Operating System, Windows Updates, Upgrades, Installation or Reinstallations and More!
HARDWAREHardware Errors, Hardrive, Video Cards, Network Card, Memory Card Replacement, Installation, Upgrades and More!