Computer Classes


Computer Classes are here! If you are just starting out, if you are reasonably sure you know what you are doing or your capabilities just got updated with a “New Version”, don’t panic our experts are just a call away! We have something for everyone. One on One personal consulting and reviewing all the right moves to make your life a little easier. If you would like to learn in a Group – sure! If you would like to learn Website Design – no problem! Software and systems – got that covered! Give us a call and let us know what you are working with or would like to learn, we can arrange a meeting and get right to work. We have flexibility and are reliable. We have established a great cliental of all ages and come with awesome references. So, if you need a little touching up or would like to learn a thing or two – we invite you to contact us Today! 
COMPUTER, iPOD, TABLET, PHONES INSTRUCTORWith Technology changing every day, it is customary for us to stay up-to date. Our Technicians are patient and always willing to help you. We can uncomplicate issues for you so you can enjoy using your personal computer, your tablet or your phone. With no judgement, always with a smile!
I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE THE COMPUTER?Don’t Worry! PC and Web Pros is here to help you with that! Over the years, we have had the Opportunity to work with an array of clients, all ages, teaching how to turn on their Computer, how to use the Internet, how to read or compose an e-Mail and more. By making the process fun and as easy, we can ease your frustrations!