Check your Website Speed


Keeping an up-to date and a compressed website is so important in the process of Search Engine Optimization – if your website is “Heavy or Slow Loading” – there will be no way for SEO to function correctly.

Examples of Optimization

CSS Compression

CSS is the code that is used to order color, columns, font style, shapes etc. In some cases – even animation. While working with the CSS file, the size of the file will start to increase – this increase can be compressed to a smaller sized file. Letting the Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.) read and understand it faster.

Image Compression

Images are weighed in megabytes – a raw image can be 5mb or more in size – one picture – so we compress each image without destroying the integrity of the photo. Compression minimizes the weight of the image not the size. This enables website users to open your website, page or … faster. This also enables the Search Engines to pull and rank those images without hesitation.
There are many other files in a website that need to be Optimized – such as JS, HTML, Font Files, Videos, PHP to name a few. In optimizing All files, we will arrive to a user-friendly website experience.