The Dont's about your Computer

A lot of times problems with the computers are caused by the way we use them – Remember the Old TV’s? We use to hit them and they will work – Not anymore! Internally we are talking about chips not about tubes so hitting the devices will do harm instead of fixing an issue. We created this List - Hopefully it might Help you.

1Do Not turn off the Computer with the Shut Down Button! This is a common thing people do. The problem with this is you are forcing the system to Shut down and that is not good for the Operating System neither the Hardrive - Spindle Hard drives are running at 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm -common hardrives - and doing that is making that hardrive suddenly stop and at a high speed which might bend or brake the platters inside the hardrive making your hardrive not accessible. The story does not change when working with SSD OR SSHD hardrives. There are too problems when shutting down your computer like that.

Check your Website Speed


Keeping an up-to date and a compressed website is so important in the process of Search Engine Optimization – if your website is “Heavy or Slow Loading” – there will be no way for SEO to function correctly.

Examples of Optimization

CSS Compression

CSS is the code that is used to order color, columns, font style, shapes etc. In some cases – even animation. While working with the CSS file, the size of the file will start to increase – this increase can be compressed to a smaller sized file. Letting the Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.) read and understand it faster.


"SEO" Search Engine Optimization

In the beginning, it was just about adding a few lines of meta keywords and metadata and voila you could get good ranking. Not any more … Over the years, Search Engines have created new and different principles and protocols to be followed. These principles and protocols boost your website’s presence, but is not necessarily a 24-hour turnaround time -  whoever tells you that is stretching the truth – Yes, it is true that there exists PPC or Pay Per Click for instant Ranking. It is exactly as it sounds -  you pay for each click to your website – whether they buy or not, call or not and so on.  This can be expensive although there are many plans available and it works hand in hand with Good Manual SEO built into your Website. If say google and Bing give you the ability to create in depth SEO inside your Website and then they pull that SEO into their Search Engine creating a working bond that can take you many places – We’d say that this is a Great Opportunity.


Let’s talk about Website Development.

Website Development is the use of different languages like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, that form and shape the pages of a Website. Today there exists several CMS’s (Content Management Systems) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more, many more, which give Website Developers the ability to create that outstanding design you are looking for and at the same time give you an administration panel – so you have the ability - if you want - to administer your own website – from creating new content, changing a paragraph to doing minor changes without needing your developer, if you are up for the challenge! Also, PC and Web Pros can handle all your Website Administration if this is something you looking for.

Understanding All the Components of a Computer

Throughout the past years, we have been repairing home computers and business computers and realized that 75% of the people really don’t know what a computer is all about – Which is Understandable – because, as a user what we care about is if it is working, if it is slow, is my data secure etc.

On this blog, We want to clarify the components of a computer and what to expect if you are a calling a technician. As a technician, we care about providing our clients with a complete optimized and error free computer – At PC and Web Pros that is our Goal - to always deliver a computer that will work - explaining the reason(s) of the problem(s), optimizing and letting you know how to prevent getting into future issues.

Some items we look for:

  • Is your computer secure? Is it running with the right protection software? Are they configured correctly?
  • Is your computer up to date? Does it have the right drivers?  Are the drivers the latest ones? Is the Bios the latest one?
  • Is your Computer Clean Internally and Externally? Has your computer been compressed, defragged, Optimized or properly maintained?
  • Does your software install or uninstall the right way? Are there copies of uninstalled software still on your computer?
  • Is your hardware running ok? Is it overheating or making a strange noise.
  • Cleared Cache errors, registry errors, unneeded software, etc.