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E-Mail Marketing and SEO Booster Platform Creation

PC and Web Pros can create an E-mail Blaster Platform for your business - not just to be used as an e-mail marketing tool but as SEO booster for your main website.

Our State of the Art E-mail Marketing Platform is an anchor generator that Helps your Website to be pulled to the Top of The Search Engines.

One of the Search Engine Optimization principles is – how recognized your Website is and how many times your Website and Website Links are Taken and utilized on the Search Engines – Using this principal, this Platform will generate a Landing page every time you create a new E-mail to Market your Business, Services, Products etc., linking the sections to your main website – This landing page or anchor page will be taken from Google as an External Link source – making your website to be more prominent in ranking.

Our Services Include:

  • Creation of E-Mail Blaster Platform with Configuration and Optimization to Work as an SEO Booster -
  • E-mail Template creation Customized for your Business and Marketing Strategy. Advertise your Products, Services or send Special News to your customers. E-mail Templates created with Structured Data and Multiple Links - when used with our Platform Creation - it will work as an anchor for your website boosting your SEO Presence on the search engines.


Customer: Victory GSE

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